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Donald & Prue Patch, 'Bunya View' MS 501, Dalby QLD 4405
P 07 4663 4700 --- F 07 4663 4700 --- M 0438 634 700
E bunyacreekangus@sctelco.net.au

Bunya Creek Angus was established in 1977 and is situated 47km north east of Dalby at the foot of the Bunya Mountains.

The cow herd is made up of around 180 cows and heifers, which are run mostly on forest country. Females have to produce a calf every year without assistance, and heifers are joined from 13 months of age.

A.I is carried out annually and bought in or selected home grown bulls are used to cover females. Up to 60 bulls are put on the market every year with most sold privately, the rest are sold via auction. We are also producing quality Brangus cattle through a crossbreeding program which is proving successful.

Bulls are not put onto a grain ration for too long or overfed, but a conscious effort is made to have bulls fit and in good working order when marketed. This is proving to be beneficial, with reports that indicate long term soundness and longevity of animals.

Enquiries and inspections always welcome.

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