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John Cochrane

'Balvenie Park' 575 Stockleigh Road
Jimboomba QLD 4280
P 07 5546 8065 F 07 5547 0158 M 0407 160 560
E cochraneangus@bigpond.com

The Cochrane Angus Stud is one of the few studs situated on the eastern side of the Great Dividing Range in South East Queensland.  While Cochrane Angus find a ready market west of the Great Divide, the stud’s coastal location has proven to be beneficial in meeting the growing demand for Angus bulls and females, which have been born and bred in humid, tick and buffalo fly country.  Particular attention is given to breeding slick coated cattle to suit the conditions of Queensland.

Angus bulls have been sold along the eastern coast as far north as Cooktown. Cattle producers in tick - infested areas derive confidence from being able to source Angus genetics from a cow herd that has been adapted to withstand the harsh, subtropical and tropical conditions.

Bulls such as Scotchcap, Kelp and 036 have had a major impact on our herd, and, in latter years Dateline, W109 and Hyline Right Time 338 genetics have been used successfully. The stud continues to introduce fresh genetics which will make a significant contribution to the commercial producer  Papa Equator and Dinki -Di  blood  has been recently introduced to fulfil this purpose.
Bulls and females are available for private sale and the stud also supports the Ag -Show sale in Toowoomba in September. A trend in the last few years has been the paddock sale of yearling bulls, buyers often get another year from the bulls bought as yearlings as well as gaining access to our latest genetics.

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