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Darby Blackley

'Gundagai' 32705 Leichhardt Highway
Wandoan QLD 4419
P 07 4627 4224 M 0428 274 224
E drb@drb.com.au
W www.drb.com.au

Gundapark Angus Stud is located 7km south of Wandoan at 32705 Leichhardt Highway. Bulls are for sale in September. Inspections are welcome.

Gundapark’s priorities are: 

Fertility & Short Gestation Period  
Darby Blackley is yet to prove it, but he believes a short gestation period is the
most important factor in calving ease. Any cow or heifer that needs help will not be kept in his stud operation.

Growth & Short Clean Coat     
None of the Gundapark bulls will be clipped, what you see is what you get.

Gundapark is using Genestar testing.

Quality Base
Gundapark is using international and local genetics, and are Breedplan evaluated. All bulls will be semen tested, and while this does not guarantee calves, it is a good base to start from.

Gundapark have chosen to market their bulls through Auctionsplus, because they believe it gives the buyer more opportunity to match price to the quality of the bull, without thinking if “I don’t buy now I’ll miss out.”

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