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The National All Breeds Junior Heifer Show in Dubbo in July 2018

Bulliac Angus took a team of cattle to this event along with five Queensland Junior members and one ring in from South Australia.
The team all had a great time learning about the beef industry, taking responsibility for looking after their animals, the space in the shed and preparation, showing and judging cattle.

Team work is always an integral part of the Junior show experience and catching up with friends made at other Junior events especially Angus Roundup and making new friends.

The next Round Up will be held in Armidale on 10-13 January 2019.

It is an event that all young beef cattle enthusiasts can go to. You don’t have to own a show animal yourself, you can apply for a ballot animal which are taken to the event by generous breeders for the use of children who don’t have access to an animal. A number of Queensland Juniors will be attending.

It is a time of learning, confidence building, friendship and fun.




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