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Greg & Pam Webster

PO Box 7127
Toowoomba QLD 4352
P 07 4630 9190 F 07 4630 9302 M 0419 020 168
E angusaru1@gmail.com

Sarum, registered by the late Eaton Webster at Kingaroy in 1933, is now located a little south of Toowoomba. 

Eaton’s son Greg with his wife Pam are maintaining the original breeding principles of selecting easy care , feed efficient, well muscled,  moderately framed, grass fed cattle. All stock must perform and calve unassisted under all conditions and fatten at any age when the season permits.

Longevity, good feet, agility, temperament, feed conversion and guaranteeing any bull over heifers are top priorities. All bulls are scanned and gene star tested.

Sarum does not use any American bloodlines eliminating the potential of curly calf syndrome. This has prompted enquiries from New Zealand and a visit from an American breeder sourcing non American genetics.

This has reinforced their confidence in their chosen breeding program.

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