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:: Welcome to Sandon Glenoch Angus

Roger Boshammer & Family

'Glenoch' MS 355
Chinchilla QLD 4413
P 07 4665 5128 (Roger) P 07 4665 5191 (Jack Atkin)
P 07 4627 7290 (Justin & Kate) F 07 4665 5101
M 0427 132 094
E glenoch@bullsthatwork.com.au
W www.bullsthatwork.com.au

Bulls that work is our belief and we cover all bases from fertility, performance data, adaptation and customer satisfaction. Our breeding philosophy for our 500 females is that they must calve in our calving period every year and we support our claims with average calving intervals and number of calves each female has had.

Our breeding selections are based on a balanced approach and to satisfy a diverse range of requirements we also produce many bulls suited for heifers, terminal crossing, high carcase quality markets and all areas in between.

Bulls we have sold are out working from the Barkly to the Darling and from the Channels to the Coast. So not only do our bulls have the required genetics but they must also be able to adapt and perform in new environments. Our bulls rarely receive a silage ration, they are prepared on Leuceana and winter pastures to a presentable condition by sale time, so that in their new environments they are able to graze, adapt and perform quickly.

Bulls and females are for sale all year round. All bulls come with a 3 year breeding guarantee subject to terms and conditions and our annual on property sale is the people’s day of the Brisbane Exhibition in August. Please feel welcome to visit any time.

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